LEATHER CARE INSTRUCTION                                             

To protect your leather, some basic rules should have been known: 

  • Remove regularly dust with a vacuum cleaner or a slightly damp cloth, then, let it dry.
  • Avoid exposing your leather to sun or moon: leather could bleach.
  • Avoid locating your leather near a heat source: leather could become dry and though.


How to clean your leather                                                                    

  • Oil stains: Wash carefully with water and soap. If it is not enough, then use a degreasing agent but before you must make a test on a hidden side and check if the colour resists.
  • Other stains: remove with lukewarm pure water, rubbing at once


Special Case : Nubuck                                                                                   

  • Alcohol, Liquor, Wine, Cola, Soda, Coffee: Dab with absorbent paper, if the task remains, wash with warm water and soap.
  • Ballpoint pen, Chocolate, Oil: Wash with warm water and soap
  • Ink: Dab with absorbent material better, with Terre de Sommières.
  • Chewing-gum: First harden it with ice cubes previously placed in a plastic bag, carefully remove it, if it still small pieces use a “chamois” leather.


In all cases, act quickly.

After cleaning, rinse with warm water, dry with warm hair (pay attention to the temperature) then felt with sandpaper and polish with a soft brush.


Important Remarks:

Light fastness can change according to the colours.

A same colour can change from one dyeing bath to another one.

At the head location, the leather may be stained. This degradation, very localised, is due to the user’s seborrhoea (sebum excess). The intrinsic quality of the leather can’t be questioned, as till now, leather professionals couldn’t find any cure to this problem. Seborrhoea decomposes the finish of leather. If user has problems with perspiration and sebum excess, he has to protect his sofa not to stain it.

This recommendation should be imperatively given at the time of selling to avoid any claim.


Storage recommendation                                                                                      

Store the dry and clean item in its original packaging, protected from light, cold, heat and humidity.

If it is whole skins, the best thing it is to store them flat.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long storage.

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