[a-ï-çéa] : the “wind” in Basque language.

AïZEA is a Maison of Haute Maroquinerie with a Basque temperament.

The founder, Joakin Echeverria, creates accessorises which reflect his values and the authenticity of his native region.

Elegant. Functional. Generous.

AïZEA goes to basics, with heart, and a touch of pepper.

Intended to  aesthetes, who work and travel, its clean lines and the functionality of its products adapt to business travel, but also  to the daily life of a customer  who appreciates beautiful materials.

Born from a passion for leather

AïZEA accessories reflect Joakin’s love for leather. He particularly enjoys relief materials such as finely grained skins or scales. 

AïZEA sources his Taurillon leather from an historic tannery of the French Basque country. This type of leather has long been used by the Maison, and has become iconic. The founder loves it, for its velvety texture, and durability. Vibrant. Especialy in the depth of its colors.

His career path has also led him to work with precious leathers, such as the Python and wild Mississippiensis Alligator. Joakin masters the art of jigging and cutting to create exceptional pieces .

AïZEA makes his pieces in the French and Spanish Basque country, as well as, in Portugal, in workshops that value the hand, the know-how, and the know-how-to-be.

Crafts and heart

The AïZEA style is imbued with the sincere spirit that reigns in the Basque country. He is raw, masculine, precise.

We find the graphic lines of the Basque ball pediment of the emblematic Villa Leihorra. The geometry of its Art Deco architecture, the whitewashed facades have inspired each of its collections.

We plunge into the colors of the region : red pepper, bottle green, ultramarine blue.

For Joakin, style doesn’t common sense. He values the function, as well as the beauty of the finishes. As evidenced by the bottoms of the bags, lined in leather, which ensures the holding of the bag.


You will understand, AïZEA offers a masculine fashion, in a generous and friendly spirit. It’s above all a personal initiative that Joakin likes to share.

Visit the Parisian store, 62 Galerie Vivienne, in the 2nd arrondissement, to discover all the creations of AïZEA. 

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